What we do…

Theodore (Ted) Clendenin has been a professional multi-instrumental musician for decades. He can provide a number of services and fit a number of roles as needed. He has played to audiences in small venues and to crowds up to tens of thousands.

Musical Proficiency includes:

  • Lead Guitar
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboards
  • Vocals

Theodore Clendenin Can Provide a Host of Services:

  • “One Man Show” – Theodore can utilize backing tracks and a sound system to play a “hybrid” live show where he is accompanied by technology. This can be either instrumental or with vocals depending on your needs (for either a show, or background music). This is a very cost effective way to get live music. 
  • DJ Service –  Theodore can utilize existing “In House” sound systems or provide the sound system for a DJ experience, for parties, weddings, special events, etc.
  • DJ Service with lighting – Theodore can add theatrical stage lighting, lasers and effects to the DJ experience.
  • Karaoke – a karaoke experience can be a fun addition to your next event or party (special lighting can be added for an additional fee)
  • “Stand In Musician” – If you are a working band, sometimes one of the musicians is ill or just needs a vacation or a temporary break. In most cases, Theodore can “fill in” while that member is out.  
  • Recording studio – professional studio recording / live recording services available (Theodore can record your gig)
  • Video Editing – Theodore can take your raw gig footage and edit it into a presentable package with graphics, titles and transitions for use in a press kit or post on your website.. 
  • Band Formation – Theodore is currently in the process of forming a band. If you are interested please contact him at info@kokopellistudioz.com